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Any loving pet owner will always want to give the best for his dog. If you have a pet dog and want to give him the nutrition that he deserves you need to know the ingredients that make up the best dog foods around.
The choice for a dog food is not solely based on the brand the claims to be the best. You have to be diligent enough to look at the ingredients that are used to make the dog food. If you see the term animal fat being used as an ingredient, don’t go for that product. Animal fat is a generic term that says something about poor food quality. Instead, look for actual named sources like chicken fat or beef fat.

Dogs aren’t human, but some manufacturers use human grade ingredients for their dog foods. This is okay as long as they are using human grade meats. Some terms to look for are hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meats as these kinds of meat make the dog food even more nutritious.

Proteins are something needed by your dog, and some manufacturers tend to use wheat gluten, corn gluten, or rice protein concentrate. These are the worst sources of protein you can give your dog so stay away from dog foods that contain these. Soy protein is also taken in the same manner.


The best dog foods will have no meat by-products or the like. A meal is acceptable, but their source must be identified specifically. Dog foods can list meal or whole meat as the first ingredient, and both are okay to feed to your dogs. The only time that a by-product becomes suitable is when they are labeled as sourced from human-grade organs like kidney and liver.

Like any other food, artificial preservatives should be avoided at all cost. BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin are just some of the preservatives that are used in dog foods. Dog foods that contain these preservatives are deemed to be of low quality. Ethoxyquin is commonly used in a fish meal so if your dog food contains fish meal, contact the manufacturer for your concern.

Other ingredients a good dog food should not have are sugars, artificial colors, propylene glycol, sucrose, corn syrup, and other sweeteners. Grains, on the other hand, are inevitable in a dog food but you have to make sure that they are kept on a minimal level. Look out for splitting as some manufacturers tend to list grains separately. When this happens, the grains can add up to a greater quantity than the primary ingredient.

Nowadays, Taurine has been added to most dog foods because of the recently discovered link between taurine deficiencies and heart problems in dogs. Since taurine is sensitive to heat, you cannot find an adequate amount of natural taurine in processed foods. Nevertheless, the dog foods that are made up of more meat will have more taurine content in them.

A dog that is always in good shape eats healthily, so it is just right that you feed him the best dog food available. If you want to know how to find the best dog food that will aid your dog’s overall health and body development, this is for you. This article will help you discern what to look for in a dog food according to the accounts of dog lovers and experts who shared their knowledge an experience for this article.

Here are the types of dog food, by understanding the types of dog food, you may be able to try them and find the best dog food that fits your dog’s needs.


Commercial Dog Foods

Even though commercially sold dog foods claim that they are the best in the market, their flashy advertising does not guarantee that they are. Researchers have shown that some commercial dog foods do not measure up to the quality standards and some even have chemicals that can be hazardous to your dogs. In fact, there have been incidents of dog food for long.

When selecting the best dog food for your canine friend, you have to consider the brand of the product. Choose the label that doesn’t put too many fillers or chemicals that can be harmful to your dog. Some reputable dog food companies take pride in their products, and sometimes it is more practical to stick with the tried and tested brands than risking to try new ones.

In this case, your veterinarian may give you tricks on how to find the best dog food in the commercial dog food section. On the other hand, it may help in combining your commercial dog food together with other types of dog food so as to be sure you are giving your dog well-balanced diet.


Raw Dog Food

Raw dog foods types are getting more and more popular with each passing day. This is since most people understand that it is the most natural food for dogs. This dog food type suggests that dogs should be fed what they have been eating in the old times, which is raw meat. It is also believed that when dogs engage in this diet, they will be able to grow with a stronger and leaner body.

Some experts also recommend this kind of diet, but they state that it is good that you always feed your dog fresh raw dog food to avoid food poisoning.

You can also give your dogs raw bones to chew on, but never give your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones get brittle and may splinter and inflict injuries on your pet.


Homemade dog food

in case you ways to cut off some expenses, homemade dog food is a cheaper alternative to commercially sold dog food. You can research on dog food recipes that will fulfill your dog’s nutritional needs.

Cooking the food you give to you dog will enable you to ensure what kind of food enters his tummy. You will, therefore, be able to ensure that your dog will not suffer from dog food fillers that do him any good.

When it comes to dog food recipes, there are many of choices to choose from online resource sites. Just try these recipes and see how your dog responds.

The best dog food mixture will be to give him mostly homemade dog food, with occasional raw dog food tossed on him. If you can afford, feed him special commercial dog food just for most times. You, nonetheless, need to be sure that you read the label before you give him commercial dog food.

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