Dogs Left Without Food or Water for 10+ days


Dogs Left Without Food

Pet abandonment is a growing problem all over the world. And it’s just painful to hear these stories of dog abandonment of owners who are supposed to be the ones to give their pet a loving and caring home. And it’s saddening to know the reality that some humans can stomach the idea of leaving their dogs behind just like that, dogs who did nothing but to show their love and loyalty to whoever owns them. It’s downright a heinous, barbaric case of cruelty.

For you to be more aware, below are only three among the hundreds of thousand of cases of dog abandonment, where owners leave their dogs behind without food or water for 10+ days.

Seville, Spain


There is a woman from Seville, Spain who went on a more than a week long vacation without making arrangements for her dog. So she left her dog behind without leaving any food or water, nor did she ask anyone to take care of her pet.

Thankfully, one of her neighbors contacted the police to report the abandonment, that on Dec. 3, 2015, more than a week after the vacation, the police were able to rescue the then malnourished dog who was starving to death in a room filled with garbage, pee, and feces. With regards to the owner, at the time the news was reported, she was expected to be arrested as she gets to go back in town.


Liverpool, UK


Andrea Davis, owner of crossbreed dogs, Koda and Hachi, was now banned for life to own any animal due to maltreating her dogs. The two said dogs were locked in the kitchen with a mere bucket of water and a few biscuits. Unfortunately, as the inspectors went to her former house to investigate, both were already in an advanced state of decomposition. The police officers believe that the dogs were left to take care of themselves and were locked in the kitchen for more than a month.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has already confirmed, based on a post mortem of both dogs, that they were emaciated. Plastic was found in Koda’s stomach. It is also confirmed that both pets died due to dehydration or starvation.

As for the owner, she pleaded guilty for abandoning and causing abominable suffering to her dogs at a hearing last December 2016. And aside from a lifetime disqualification order, she was expected to attend a 20-day rehab program, was suspended for 18months, and was sentenced a 16-week jail term.


Secunderabad, India


In another instance of animal cruelty, 10 dogs were found abandoned in a breeding kernel in Secunderabad, India. The locals reported the case after they have smelled a stench smell coming from the area. Unfortunately, the rescue was already too late for six among the ten dogs, for they have already died of neglect, of dehydration and starvation. They were all chained and still in their own cages. The other 4, at the time of the news, were still fighting for their lives. All the dogs were flea infested. And in one enclosure, one dog had been reduced to a heap of fur.

With regards to the owner who was a breeder, it was reported that he was never seen for over month, while the caretaker had not been there for more than two weeks already.

Blue Cross of Hyderabad, a voluntary organization that works for the welfare of animals, has already files a case against the owner and the caretaker.


In general, these are only three among the innumerable cases of animal cruelty. By shedding light that these things happen everywhere – it can be two blocks away from your home, we don’t know- but by shedding that these things happen, I hope that we become more aware of the plight of our beloved dogs. And definitely, pet abandonment must be put to a stop.


Dogs Left Without Food

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