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Just like humans, dogs also require proper and all-rounded diet when it comes to nutrition. Every dog has its personality, chemistry and above all, taste and preference. So, it’s good for you to understand the needs of your dog better than anyone else. Several types of dog food are offered for sale on the market. Choosing the healthiest dog food has become an overwhelming task particularly for the beginners. The healthiest dog food is that which contains all the essential nutrients ideal for the growth of your dog. Often, we make a mistake of picking only those food rich in carbohydrate and leave out fibrous and high protein foods. Though fiber is the most neglected nutrient in dog food, it comes with undeniable benefits that can solve many health problems your lovely pet might be dealing with.


high protein dog food (Pros / cons)




Protein is a vital part of your canine’s nutrition. However, it is not always guaranteed that all the food containing protein labels are vital for your canine. When shopping for one, consider the amount of protein per serving, source and the quality of the protein. Not all dogs require the same quantity of proteins. Young breeds need high amounts of proteins than older dogs. Protein requirement depends on the development stage of your dog.


Pros of high protein dog food


• They are easy to digest and packs your dog with high nutritional content. They are beneficial for the diabetic dogs as it helps in the management of their diabetic conditions.

• Proteins are essential building blocks suitable for the young and growing puppies. It is recommended that a puppy’s diet should contain 25-30% protein content. It makes them grow and develop well. The additional fat content in high-protein foods is good for brain and skin health.

• High-protein foods are good for lactating dogs. It enables them to produce high-quality milk while maintaining good health. It is also safe for puppies as well.

• High protein foods are vital for dogs that are involved in agility competitions. Proteins promote the development of muscles and provide additional calories that can be burned much easier than carbohydrates. If you have an aggressive dog, then consider feeding him or her with high-protein content.


Cons of high protein dog food


Veterinarians differ in opinions concerning a number of proteins you should feed your dog. However, it depends on your dog breed and its needs. Some dogs will benefit while others will not. Dogs should get between 25-30% protein content. However, dogs with liver or kidney issues should not be fed with high protein foods. It can complicate their condition by adding stress and strain on the kidney. Therefore, when feeding your dog, consider the amount of protein contained in the diet first.


high fiber dog food (Pros / cons)




There are several reasons why you need to include fiber in your dog’s diet. Just like humans, dogs constipate and suffer from indigestion, fat gain, and bloating problems. If you give your dog a poor diet, there is a high chance of developing smelly and impacted anal glands. High fiber food is recommended by most vets particularly for the chubby dogs since it has low-calorie content, unlike regular food. Some of the benefits of high fiber dog food are;


Pros of high fiber dog food


• It makes your dog feel full. It reduces intake of high-calorie foods which is vital for the dog breeds are susceptible to weight gain.

• Fiber helps absorb moisture and improves the bulkiness which is critical in normalizing the symptoms of constipation and diarrhea.

• It also helps decrease the instances of anal gland disease. Fiber increases bulkiness exert pressure on the anal glands of your dog, hence, reduces symptoms of anal gland disease.

• Fiber also reduces the risk of your dog developing colon cancer. It speeds up the processing of food through the intestines.

• Fiber helps maintain your dog’s blood sugar content and prevents diabetes.

• High fiber food also eliminates bacteria build up. If bacteria accumulates in the colon, it can spark up problems such as colon cancer. Most fibrous foods are converted into fatty acids by the good bacteria. The good bacteria make digestion smooth. The good bacteria fight off the harmful ones making digestion healthy.


Cons of high fiber dog food


When introducing high fiber food for your dog, you need to do it like a pro. While fiber is beneficial for the health of your dog, too much of it can cause gas or diarrhea. Again, you need to be cautious when buying fiber food on the market. The best sources are those that contain carrots, fruits, green beans, tomatoes, apples, and wheat.


Best healthiest dog food list


Most dog foods come with labeling that can be hard to interpret and understand what healthy dog food is and what is not. Selecting the right foods for your dog is one big profound decision you can make in boosting the health of your pet. But before choosing any dog food, take these factors into account; age, dog breed, health problems of your dog, body weight and activity level and your overall budget. Food rich in fiber and protein content include;


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Orijen Dog Food


Orijen dof food is not only adored for its ingredient quality but also for its great nutritional value. It comes with a robust combination of essential ingredients. Such ingredients include; boneless chicken, chicken meal, liver, whole herring, boneless turkey, turkey liver, walleye, whole salmon, chicken heart, cartilage, salmon, green peas, green lentils, yams, pea fiber, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach, red delicious apples, dandelion, summer savory, marigold and chamomile. It has an estimated fiber content of 5.6%.

The ingredients used in Orijen are above-average dry products. Its protein content stands at 42%. It has a fat level of 20% and has a carbohydrate content of 30%. Orijen is a grain-free dog food that contains abundant animal proteins. It is recommended in case you want to boost and supplement your dog with proteins. It contains no fillers and is easy for your dog to digest. In case your dog has dietary sensitivity or allergy, then Orijen will be the most suitable pet food to choose. The fresh meals and meat it contains make it the highest quality formula you can buy. It provides high energy and maintains a healthy weight for your dog. Additionally, it also helps eliminate digestive problems that are common with the certain type of foods. It is gentle on the stomach and offers the most nutritional value for your dog. It has received a lot of attention from several pet owners from around the world. There are no known significant ingredients in Orijen that can cause any undesirable side effects or allergic reaction in your dog. You will get in various categories for puppies, large breeds, and adult dogs.


is Orijen it healthy for your dog?


has received top ratings both in nutritional value and ingredient content. However, it is good to determine whether it is suitable for your dog before buying. Orijen is packed with high protein content meaning it is appropriate for a hard working or agility dog. However, it will be way too much for a lap or house dog. In fact, vets recommend that the protein content in it is not recommended for any typical dog. Orijen contains up to 32% protein content which can damage liver and kidneys of a house or lap dog. Orijen is good for agility and working dogs that require proper muscle development.


Pros of Orijen dog food


• It is purely natural and does not come with any fillers. This makes it safe and easy to digest.

• It contains ingredients enriched with probiotics that are beneficial for the immunity and digestion of your dog. It also has chelated minerals that help compensate the loss in nutrition during the processing.

• They are completely grain-free, hence, ideal for a dog with digestion sensitivities and allergic reactions.

• The most reputable company manufactures it. This means you can buy it with complete peace of mind.

Cons of Orijen dog food


It is not ideal for all dogs. It is suitable only for the agility or working dogs. Orijen is not recommended for house/lap dogs.


High protein in Orijen


Orijen is well known for its high protein content. It is biologically appropriate for all life stages of your dog. However, it is good to consider whether the protein content is too much for your dog. This is based on the activity level of your dog. You can introduce it in bits and avoid feeding too much.


High fiber content in Orijen


is grain free and contains soy, wheat, and corn which give it a significantly high fiber content. The high fiber content in Orijen makes it good for promoting a healthy digestive system of your dog.


Acana Dog Food


Acana dog food is the top rated dog food packed with natural ingredients that are sourced locally. Besides it is certified to meet pet food regulation and standards. Acana is healthy and highly nutritious. contains high amounts of proteins like fish, chicken, and eggs. It can be digested easily and provides high amounts of vitamins and energy for your dog. has very low grain and carbohydrate content. It has locally produced vegetables and fruits to provide high fiber, minerals, and proteins for your dog. Acana is available in a broad range of formulas meaning you can get one for growing dog, puppy or adult dogs.

is ideal if you are looking for a healthy and well-balanced diet for your dog. It makes your dog eat less food by significantly reducing hunger levels. Acana has got low levels of carbohydrates meaning it is suitable for dogs that are struggling with heavy weight. It is also packed with fats and omega-3 fatty acids that are ideal for a shiny coat.


Acana Dog Food Ingredients


Acana is made by combining powerful ingredients such as; Chicken meal, whole potato, steel-cut oats, deboned chicken, sun-cured alfalfa, chicken liver, oat flakes, herring oil, pea fiber, whole apples, pumpkin, butternut squash, marigold flower, peppermint leaf, chicory root, carrots, cranberries, sweet potatoes, juniper berries, rosemary, lavender, kelp, and angelica root.

is a Canadian locally produced pet food that is designed to nourish your dog. The ingredients are preservative-free and unprocessed. It makes your dog healthy, active and happy. Acana offers everything your dog needs for daily health. It is high in protein content, rich in vegetables and low in carbohydrates.


is Acana healthiest for your dog?


There are several positive reviews to say about Acana. Acana is an above-average formula with average carbohydrates levels. It is packed with great amounts of proteins that make your dog feel full. It significantly reduces high food cravings. Therefore, if you want to control the weight of your dog, then Acana is the right pick for you. Acana is good for dogs that have a tendency of putting weight.


Pros of Acana dog food


• It helps keep healthy dog weight as it is limited in carbohydrate content. It is packed vital ingredients that are sourced locally. Besides, it supplements your dog with all the essential nutrients it gets through hunting in the wild.

• has tonic herbs that help strengthen your dog’s immunity and brightens its mood.

• It is infused with a freeze-dried chicken liver that helps promoted palatability.

• contains no grain. Tapioca, or potato glutens or any other protein concentrates. It makes it risk-free for your dog.

• It promotes bowel improvements since it is easy to digest.


Cons of Acana dog food


While Acana is highly beneficial, it is highly priced. If in a tight budget, then you have to dig deeper into your pockets to get it. However, if you get a coupon, it might be far much affordable for you. Moreover, it is best suited for dogs that quickly gain weight. Some users have reported cases of vomiting. It is good to introduce it in small amounts before feeding your dog fully.


High protein in Acana dog food


Acana is a tasty dog food with great quantities of proteins. It has low carbohydrate level and high protein level that make it ideal for the weight check. It makes your dog leaner and more stable.


High fiber content in Acana dog food


contains green beans, carrots, spinach, cranberries, chicory roots, and peppermint leaf that give it high a fiber content. The ingredients are naturally high in fiber (35%).


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It is good to consider the ingredients used before buying any dog food. High fiber and protein are ideal for the overall health of your dog. Select the right food today.

after you choose the best food for your dog, now it’s time to know about how to train your dog

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