how much should a 6 week old puppy eat ?

how much should a 6 week old puppy eat


Many people who own puppies faces a harsh and frequent question on how much should a six-weeks-old puppy eat, and for how long. Acquiring a new puppy is the most exciting thing, but may turn awkward if you don’t have any knowledge on how to feed him.

It is always wise to consult your veterinarian or breeder if you have any concerns about feeding your puppy. High-quality ingredients and specialized diets are good for a better health of your dog. In this article, you will know more about how much should a 6 week old puppy eats for better health.

The body condition of a dog is neither determined by the amount of food he eats nor the leftovers. Note that portion sizes usually depend on the individual metabolism, type of your dog size as well as the nutritional requirement. During his first six weeks, he should be allowed to stay with the mother for nursing.

It is crucial they nurse from her. Why? The mother’s milk contains the best antibodies and nutrition that assists in the protection of various diseases. However, it’s sometimes difficult to keep your puppy together with his mother, especially when she develops diseases such as mastitis and eclampsia. For this situation, it is worth to wean your puppy to solid food.

The quantity of food you require to give your puppy will vary depending on the brand of food as well as the type of your puppy. At the age of six weeks, consider feeding your dog with a three-quarter cup of food.

Do this twice a day because a smaller amount of food are digests easier and no energy level fluctuation. However, your pup may occasionally pick or skip a meal. Never panic during this situation.

Why? Well, it is a clear indication that your dog is ready to eliminate feeding or you are overfeeding him, and you need to reduce the quantity you are feeding him. It is also wise to adjust the amount of treats you give to your pup during training and keep them as small as possible.

Introduce him to puppy food at this age, especially by blending his food with milk to make gruel. It’s worth to provide him with this meal three to four time every day. Gradually reduce the quantity of milk you are using to make gruel. Why? Lessening the amount of milk will make your pup learn to adapt solid food and also minimize gastric upset.

Ensure that you don’t give your puppy excess food. Dogs who are usually overfed grow obese and fast, which may cause negative implications to them. Some develop joints and bones abnormalities if they are overfed. You can’t easily tell the exact amount of food you need to give your pup because it depends on the puppy type.

The puppy food should also contain at least 25% protein. To determine how much should a 6 week old puppy eat, it’s good to know how to judge your puppy’s body condition. It is also important to follow the instructions and recommendations on the labels of the puppy food. You may feed more or less depending on the status of your puppy’s body.
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