how to train a dog not to jump ?

how to train a dog not to jump



A huge number of dogs tend to jump on their caretakers or guests as a sort of appeasement gesture or submissive greeting ritual. The fact is that it’s natural, but not always an acceptable way for dogs to say hi. At the least, such behavior may be viewed as a nuisance, but at its worst, it can be harmful, particularly kids and the elderly. The unfortunate thing is that you cannot simply tell your dog to quit jumping, they won’t understand you. To a dog, jumping is a gratifying act that expresses their moods, and helps them to dispel pent-up energy. Furthermore, it is way of getting their owner’s attention.

The information below is a detailed description of techniques on how to train a dog not to jump. You should keep in mind that training a dog to alter its behavior is not an easy task, it requires consistency and practice. You have to stick to it and avoid getting discouraged, this is the only way you will start to see results. In ideal cases, this may take one to two weeks.

How to train a dog not to jump

There are basically two aspects when trying to train a dog not to jump; which are training and management.

Management is designed to prevent a dog from constantly jumping through the implementation of self-rewarding system. Training on the other hand works off management and is about offering some sort of reward when your dog doesn’t jump, but withdrawing it when it does. You have to set its mind to adopt the notion of behavior and consequence.



• When you arrive home, and you dog starts to jump on you, simply leave the area to allow for a kind of time out for the pet. Just start walking and close the door behind you. You can wait between 30 seconds to a minute and then return into the room, and in a calm manner greet your dog. Keep at it until your dog halts jumping, and from there you can offer them a reward like petting him, or not leaving. From time to time, try a light greeting with your dog and the implement the same technique. In addition, you can also store some treats and offer them as a reward when your dog doesn’t jump.

• Another way to stop your dog from jumping on you, strangers or guests, is to bend over, hold its collar, place your thumb underneath, and then position your palm facing down the dogs back. If this fails, step on its leash to prevent it from jumping.

• Counter command is another viable technique on how to train your dog not to jump. It involves teaching your dog to adopt a new behavior as opposed to teaching them not to. The trick is to train them to practice a routine that is quite practically the opposite of jumping, such as a high distraction stay or sit command. You can even train it to find to go fetch a toy whenever you feel it’s about start jumping.

Regardless of whatever kind of training you go for, remember to be persistent. Do not allow your dog to jump in certain situations. The rule for jumping has to apply in all contexts and to everyone for it to stick.

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