Some Scary Truths About Canned Dog Food

Canned dog food. In this busy social order, we hardly find any time to take care of our food and the food of our pets. We normally rely on the processed foods to get the required nutrients and vitamins. Even if we know that it can be harmful to our health, we just continue with it until we have not developed any severe health complication. This is applicable both for the humans and pets.

We love our pets like our family members and offer the all the comforts and facilities. But when it comes to the food, we focus more on the canned foods. We find it easy and we believe that these foods can meet all the demands of the body. But the reality is different. If you choose a wrong food for your dog, it can harm your pet in many ways. In the rare instances, it can be fatal.

Canned dog food can be bad and unhealthy for your dog. In the current market, you will find many brands in the canned dog food. A few of them are reliable and able to offer safe and healthy dog food. These foods are organic and are considered safe. While choosing a canned food, you should search for an organic brand that adds no chemical and harmful preservatives.

What will happen if you choose a wrong food?

That depends on the ingredients of the food. If you make your dog feed unhealthy foods on a daily basis then it will create many healthy complications after a period of time. They can develop allergies and their immunity can be weak. In fact, you can notice some immediate effects just after having the food if the quality is extremely bad and the ingredients are harmful.

A Washougal woman said that three of her dogs became ill after having the canned dog food and one of them died. Niki Mael, the woman of Washougal, said that her four dogs ate Evanger’s Hunk of Beef with au jus wet food on New Year Eve. Within fifteen minutes after having this food, her dogs developed some strange behavior and she took them to the hospital immediately. When they reached the hospital, they were not moving. They remained in the ICU. During the treatment, one of them, Talula, passed away. The others returned home after the recovery.

The condition was terrible and the owner was not sure about the future health of her dog. The manufacturer of the canned food has told that they are investigating the matter. They are trying to find out the true cause of such accident as they claim they offer the same food to their pets.

Now the company is collecting the remaining canned foods for the testing. They are doing all the efforts to know the exact cause of the dog’s death. Whatever the findings may be, but the reality is that you will have to more careful while choosing the canned dog foods. Many research reports and studies say that canned foods are shortening the life of your pets and are creating many harmful and serious health conditions.

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