Top 10 Worst Dog Food Brands of 2016



The existence of unsuitable dog food brands is not an isolated case. Many dog food brands that contain lots of chemicals and other unwanted ingredients are detrimental to a dog’s health. Dog owners should be wary of dog foods that are endowed with corn as a major ingredient. This is because corn is inappropriate for dogs. Here is a list of top 10 worst dog food brands of 2016.

1. BENEFUL Original Dog Food

This dog food is incapable of providing dogs with optimal nutrients. A dog that is prone to food allergies would be highly affected by this type of food. Further, its ingredients make it a bad choice. It contains whole wheat flour, rice flour and ground yellow corn as some of its ingredients. Wheat, for instance, does not offer any valuable nutrients once consumed by a dog. In fact, it is associated with dog allergies.

2. Purina Dog Chow

Some of its unsuitable ingredients are: corn gluten meal, egg and chicken flavor. This makes it a low quality food since foods rich in corn present digestion problems for dogs. Besides, this food contains poultry by product meals which do not avail the appropriate proteins that dogs need.

3. Kibbles n Bits

This food is also considered among the list of worst dog food brands. Its ingredients entail: soybean meal, corn, corn syrup, ground wheat and beef and bone meal.

4. Gravy Train

This is another brand that contains extremely little nutrients that do not address the nutritional requirements of a dog. It is composed of animal fat, corn, salt, wheat flour and BHA preservative. BHA preservative is associated with cancer initiating agents.

5. Kal Kan

It has corn as its main ingredient. Corn does not offer a dog any nutritional benefits. It also contains meat and bone meal which can pose digestion problems to dogs.

6. Ol Roy

This food is manufactured by Walmart. It contains ground yellow corn as its first ingredient. Ground yellow corn serves only the purpose of making this food inexpensive. Other ingredients include: animal fat containing BHA and chicken by product meal. All these components undermine its ability to offer the right nutrients necessary for a dog.

7. Pedigree Adult

This dog food brand is a product of Waltham. It does not fulfill a dog’s nutritional needs as evidenced by its components. For example, ground whole corn and ground wheat which are its key components are unfavorable for dogs.

8. Purina Alpo Brand Dog food.

This dog food brand is highly disapproved for a dog. Just like most of the foods already mentioned, it is rich in ground yellow corn and poultry by product meal which are of low nutritional value.

9. Purina Veterinary Diet

This is another worst dog food brand that is composed of brewers rice, animal fat, whole grain corn and corn gluten meal that do not add any nutritional value to a dog.

10. IAMS Pro Active

It contains beef pulp, salt and brewers yeast. Beef pulp is considered risky to a dog as it contributes to weight gain. Excess salt causes bloating in dogs. Brewers yeast is associated with allergies.

As a final point, dogs deserve proper nutrition. This proper nutrition should include a variety of foods such as proteins and vitamins. Fresh meat is the major source of protein foods for dogs. Fruits and vegetables provide the much needed vitamins. It is crucial to avoid purchasing the above discussed foods that do not benefit dogs.

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