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Every day most people faces thorny problem on what to do with their dog pets when traveling or even during family emergencies destroy the usual care. However, some pet owners tend to solve this problem by traveling with their pets with them. Others will leave their pets with well-meaning but untrained friends or neighbors. Note that some hotels and restaurants also restrict personal pets. On the way, their pets may turn the trip to a disaster or even contact diseases or illnesses. The results are often unsatisfactory. It is possible for the pets entrusted to custodians for part-time care to frequently escape while others develop serious illnesses. Why? The reason is that they lack reliable, knowledgeable and frequent supervision.

Fortunately, pet dog owners who need substitute pets care, use a professional service of boarding kennels. In facts, most pet owners have already recognized the importance of experienced, full-time and knowledgeable dog boarding services. The doggy boarding provides the most secure, safe and dependable pet care.

Factors to consider before dog boarding

What should I know before dog boarding?


Well, most people have been asking this question frequently, and I have found it good providing the most relevant answer in this article. I have also realized how traumatic it could be if you leave your dog to ignorant people for care. How comfortable people are when they leave their dog pets? Unfortunately, they fell their dog is unsafe. The following questions will greatly assist you and your dog to have the best boarding experience.

What will I do first?


As soon as you know you have to travel, consider calling the kennel. Make the reservation as earlier as possible. Most kennel operators rely on tickets. If you fail to contact the kennel earlier enough, you might not get a place or space for your dog, especially on busy and holiday seasons. At the time of reservation, interview the kennel to establish all the requirements needed. Some kennels require credit cards number during the date of reservation while some don’t. Ask all about their cancellation policies. Call and ask whether you can see their facilities if it is the first time. Note that some kennels restrict frequent visiting. Furthermore, discuss the charges on dog boarding. Inquire all about the method of payment accepted. When it is time to talk about particular issues about your dog, be honest.

Is it possible to ask more about specifications?


Absolutely. Where will my dog be kept? Do you keep dogs in kennels or cages? The above questions are valid, and you can ask them. Note that some kennels will not discount the charges even if you bring foods to your dog. Why? The reason is that because it is time-consuming and bring more trouble trying to separate food than to feed the dogs on the kennel’s source. Other kennel’s policy also don’t allow you to bring toys and bedding to your dog. Why? They can become ripped, soiled or torn. However, some allow.

What if my dog requires some medications?


It is wise to discuss the benefits of medication if necessary by your dog with the kennel. Ensure you write all instructions for your dog if the enclosure is capable and willing to administer or extend some medication to your dog, ensure that you have written instructions for your dog. On the instructions, include the dog’s name, how to apply, type of drugs, vet’s name, your legal name and how often to administer the drug. Some kennels don’t charge for this service while some do. If you don’t send the required amount, it is not the kennels responsibility to secure your dog for more medication. Some add charges if your dog needs more attention on medicines.

What about vaccinations?


In some States, it is a requirement by the law to give vaccines to dogs old than for months. Make sure you check with the individual kennels. Before you board for your pet dog, ask if that kennel has additional requirements. Take an updated copy of all the vaccination needed from your vet. A week before they stay, if your pet requires their vaccines to be updated, please do it. Don’t wait for your dog to have reactions on centers of dog boarding. Sometimes it is possible for your dog to feel unwell a day or two immediately after vaccination. During this time, it is advisable for them to be in their normal environment. Some kennels will fail to accept your dog, have a veterinarian visiting their kennel or even take your dog to a vet if you bring it to the boarding kennel without proper vaccination. If this happens, it is possible to include an additional fee for that services.

What if the kennel requires to call me or reach me?


Well, if of a medical emergency, you are expected to drop a phone of urgency number. It is important because it allows the kennel to contact with the person entrusted to take care both medically or financially or the owner of the dog. Most kennels have this requirement.why should I leave my contacts? Well, if the kennel discovers that your dog needs an emergency clinic or a veterinarian, they will do it for you. If your dog becomes ill, you have to be involved in all courses of treatment.
You can give another person’s name and contacts for an emergency. It is wise to ensure this individual understands their responsibilities, and they are going to be available when needed. It is advisable to provide different contacts numbers. An additional call number assists in a time of emergency if you are going to be out for several days.

Well, I got a boarding kennel for my dog what will I do?


Once you secure your doggy boarding kennel, you have completed your homework. Now, check whether all facilities are available. Ensure all the required vaccines are current, goodies packed an overnight bag, toys, bedding, foods and all emergency information. Don’t crowd your dog into a tight space if you arrive at the office and find other dogs waiting. It is wise to wait outside or take a quick walk until the crowd reduces. Note that sometimes dogs don’t feel safe when surrounded by other dogs or people.
Check whether there are other additional charges. Some kennels provide extra services at an additional fee. Inquire more about the accusations.

Which is the best dog boarding near me?


Now that you know everything you need to consider before boarding your dog, you have to select the best boarding option. Any dog boarding near me? The following are the top dog boarding options

Dog boarding Seattle

There are many options in Seattle for dog boarding. Below are some kennels that offer total attention and corporation for you and your dog, for both long and short term.

A Canine Experience, Inc.

This kennel is pleased to offer your full service for dogs. They offer catering help to both owners and their precious pet dogs. Their priority is to maintain the right being of your family and dog. Since years before, they have worked for a full time in training thousands of dog owners and dogs. The extensive research and training program for dogs have given them vast experience on all types of dogs’ behavior problems. They typically offer a specialized training program which starts with a great evolution of all issues facing your dog. In fact, they carefully design strategies that suit you and your dog. They are one of the best for dog boarding ever.

Adventure Dog Ranch


It is devoted to the happiness and well-being of your dog. Adventure Dog Ranch offers dog boarding facilities, cage-free and home-style to the entire southern Arizona and Tuscon. Their boarding dogs usually enjoy supervised exercise and hikes on their completely fenced and extensive acreage. In facts, they had a dog agility playgrounds, vast and beautiful swimming pool and shaded veranda for your dog. Their places are safe for your dog to play and have fun. Once you take your dog to them, absolutely you will get a peace of mind that you leave him to people who understand and love spending their time with dogs. If your dog isn’t trained, they extend some training to your dog, especially the stubborn and independent dogs. The outdoor area offers their boarding and daycare dogs with plenty grounds to run for the rowdiest pups. Their dogs usually spend their nights in the bedrooms and not chain link run like others. In facts, their rooms are just like homes. They provide comfortable cots, beds, blankets, and the room are heated to maintain the temperature.

Canine Comfort Corner


Bringing with your favorite dog on a vacation is tough. Canine Comfort Corner is dedicated to offering your beloved pooch with a friendly, fun and safe environment. On this situation, your dog can play and run. They usually take it as a dog-friendly vacation. Your dog will enjoy playing with others while you are away. As their name sounds, “comfort,” they provide a comfortable and safe place for your pet dog. They strive to make your dog happy as if you are still present. In facts, they treat your dog as if he is their own. Canine Comfort Corner offer all services catered for the requirement of your dog, all over from doggy boarding to doggy daycare. They also provide professional training for doggy.

Dog boarding Denver

Which is the dog boarding near me? are you in Denver and asking yourself such question? I found your answer. The following are dog boarding centers in Denver.

Playful Pooch in Denver

The pooch is a premier dog daycare which offers a dog boarding facility. Here, they love your dog as if it is their own. Have you been looking for the perfect place pooch? Relax. You have finally got it. At the pooch, your dog will enjoy safe hours for fun. Their caring staff performs a frequent exercise with your dog under watchful eyes. When you are on vacation, they will provide personal care, love and complete attention to your dog. In facts, golden oldies, playful puppies, and every age enjoy vast outside and inside playgrounds that are allowed in separate playgrounds according to their activity levels.
What about the security of my dog? Well, they usually monitor their facility with full-time security cameras.



The Bark is a doggy boarding and daycare, spa and hotel in Denver. It is located in Colorado specifically. The owner is trained as a vet technician and a former zoo worker. At the center, they offer professional dog training and also the behavior classes. They also provide a range of grooming and spa treatment for your dog. Furthermore, they maintain a high focus on the security and safety of your dog. In facts, it is the only dog boarding that usually sterilizes all the dishes for dogs every day. All the staffs are professionals and certified in K9 first-aid.

Bear Valley


Bear Valley is a veterinary care center in Denver. It is located in Colorado. They provide a conducive environment for boarding and daycare facilities for your favorite dog. Do they carry out exercises? Absolutely. Bear Valley walk dogs regularly. In facts, all dogs must perform walking activities in a minimum of three times in every day. Dog owners are also invited to customize their pets’ experience. Some activities carried out in this boarding center during owners visiting include other walks, obedience training lessons, bath or extra playtime. If required, they also administer medication. All their staffs are equipped well to deal with all kinds of emergencies.

Daily Wag


Daily Wag is a Denver-based dog daycare and boarding center. It is located in Colorado. They have an experience of more than a decade caring for dogs. Their services also include a free evolution day. They have a variety of grooming options.

Come Sit Stay


Come Sit Stay is a company that provides dog services such as training, boarding, transportation, grooming, and daycare. It is located at Parker and Littleton. Its location makes it possible for it to serve the entire Denver metro area. They usually involve dog owners during transportation. In facts, they are known internationally and worldwide for their experienced and skilled dog training program.

Be sure that the dog boarding centers mentioned above will offer ultimate care and take the required responsibilities for your dog when you are away. They are the top dog boarding centers in Denver and Seattle. Fell free and do not worry about where to take your dog during the holiday season. Contact them early and reserve a space for your dog.


Top Factors to Consider Before Dog and Doggy Boarding

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