Tricks to Train Your Dog Faster

Tricks to Train Your Dog Faster

Once your dog has already mastered the basic commands, it is time to teach him some tricks. By doing so, you will be able to develop a closer relationship with your pet. It will also help your dog develop his agility skills, improve his balance and practice self control. Teaching your dog simple tricks can go a long way when you least expect it. It’s important for your pet to get used to being handled and being surrounded by various types of objects without feeling fear. It’s always best to start teaching your dog tricks at an early age. Here are some of the best tricks to train your dog faster.


One of the easiest tricks you can teach your dog is how to do a high five. You can start off by asking your dog to sit and then giving him a treat. Then, hold another treat in front of him while not standing too close. Say the words “high five” while you gently tap one of his feet. Most of the time, dogs will begin raising their paw in an attempt to reach the treat. While he is raising his paw, quickly catch it with your other hand. Then, after you’ve made direct contact with his paw you can provide him with lots of praise and a treat.


A wonderful trick to teach your dog is how to salute. It is a great way for him to greet any family or friends visiting your home. First, ask your dog to sit in front of you and then give him a treat. Then, use a small piece of tape or a yellow post it note and gently stick it on his eye. As he is trying to remove the tape or paper from his eyes while his paw is raised, give him plenty of praises and a treat. Repeat this step and say the command while his paw is raised up and he will soon learn to do the salute.


In order for you to teach your dog how to balance an object on top of his nose, he has to get used to having his muzzle touched. Before attempting to try this trick, you have to make sure that your dog is completely relaxed and comfortable with your touch. If he doesn’t feel too comfortable at first, you can try rewarding him with a treat so that he can become more calm. Next, introduce the object you want to balance and gently put it on his nose. Praise and reward him for a job well done.


Although one of the most basic commands is to ask your dog to come to you, backing up is also an important trick. You can teach your dog to walk backwards which will come in handy when he comes across a dangerous situation. It’s a great obedience command and trick which can ultimately save your dog’s life in certain circumstances. Walk towards your dog so that he would slowly back up to avoid getting in contact with you. Say “back up” to teach him the trick and reward him afterwards.

Tricks to Train Your Dog Faster

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