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Buying a dog is one of the best things you could ever do in life. This pet will be your companion during your best and worst days. You can also take your dog on runs and walks as you seek to keep your body healthy. Unfortunately, training a dog takes time because the animalistic instincts in it are difficult to control. For example, it can run after other dogs unexpectedly. It can also chase strangers or bite things uncontrollably. Here is a dog training success story that will help you understand what it takes to train a dog.

– The Details of the Dog

Charlie is an 8-year-old Labrador retriever with a shiny black coat. Today, Charlie is happy and outgoing. He jumps around whenever he sees a member of the family. He also behaves himself when he should do so. Charlie is gentle, agile, and trusting. Charlie was unruly when the family got him from the pet store. For example, he would growl whenever he would meet strangers. He would also chew on toys among other things. Moreover, Charlie did not like other dogs. That was Charlie two years ago. Here is Charlie’s dog training success story.

– Interacting With Strangers, Children and Other Animals

Charlie was sturdy. He weighed 70 pounds when the family got him. His strength coupled with his hostile behavior scared many people. The family was also aware that a single dog bite could lead to a lawsuit. Therefore, they took him to a trainer before such an unfortunate incident occurred. The dog coach explained that some of the possible causes of aggression in dogs include physical discomfort, bullying by other animals, or leaving the dog alone for extended periods.

The family realized that they had ignored Charlie for many days especially on weekdays. To make up for it, they started paying more attention to him than they did in the past. The trainer also trained the dog to sit and stay. Sitting for the dog was critical because it would stop its aggressive behavior towards strangers. The command to stay was also crucial because it would prevent Charlie from moving towards other people or animals menacingly. Instead, he would stay in one place.

– Controlling Biting and Excessive Barking

Charlie used to chew on bones, sticks, toys, and tennis balls. At first, the family thought it was fun to watch him do that. However, several incidents changed the family’s attitude towards this behavior. More specifically, Charlie vomited uncontrollably, lost his appetite, and suffered from diarrhea on different occasions. The family noticed that these problems occurred after Charlie had swallowed something that he was chewing. Taking him to the vet each time these incidents occurred was expensive. Therefore, the family asked the trainer to help them on this one as well.

The trainer trained the dog to drop whatever was in his mouth when commanded to do so. Unfortunately, Charlie would bark uncontrollably whenever that happened. In response to this behavior, the dog coach trained Charlie to observe silence when commanded to do so. Today, the family is happy to have Charlie and nothing in this world can change that.

Last updated: November 7, 2016 at 16:14 pm

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